Steampunk Leather Wrist Watch

Why you should buy this steampunk leather wrist watch?

If you are Looking for the ultimate way to show off your chic sense of style, you can buy one of these cool Steampunk Leather Wrist Watch of steampunk watches.  These awesome steampunk watches serve as both ornamentation and functional timepieces. They’ll help you look and feel like a traveler from an era with Victorian sensibilities whenever you check the time.

Dragon-like scales decorating by the leather straps of this elegant watch has made it a wearable work of art. This skeleton watch is perfect for the stylish steampunk aficionado. 

Something more:

If you harbor an undying obsession for the Victorian era, then this steampunk watch is a great way to show your unique style. Remarkable artistry of this steampunk leather wrist watch will make you different from others. A vibrant color choice makes it impossible to miss, ensuring you will make a statement wherever you go. And for the person with sensitive skin, it has a safety guard. All metal parts are hidden beneath leather to avoid direct touch of metal with skin. You can wear this watch during your normal, day-to-day life.

About steampunk leather wrist watch:

Each Steampunk Artifacts watch is a combination of cool movement, impeccable style and the best of Steampunk artistry.  This watch has a stylist design with mechanical movements, automatic movements, and quartz movements.  Brown color watch cuff made it glossy. This special wristwatch made with veg tanned leather. It is completely handmade and hand tooled, hand stitched with natural thread.

 No battery needed here. It includes automatic mechanical steampunk watch face which is removable and also interchangeable. The watch winded manually.

Steampunk wrist watch as a gift:

This personalized skeleton watch is one of the most versatile gift choices for virtually all situations. 

It is a fashionable steampunk design for forever trendy. A delicate blend of genuine leather and stainless steel creates remarkable contrast.


As this item is handmade, so not mass produced and churned out by a machine. That does not mean the quality will be sacrificed, but please expect the occasional irregularity or imperfection that adds to the charm of a handmade item.

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