Citizen world chronograph a t limited edition AT8110-53E

Why people like this Citizen Watch Men’s AT8110-53E?

citizen world chronograph a t limited edition watch use the simplest, yet most technically advanced power generating and storage system in the Watch Manufacturing Industry. The fact it syncs with the atomic clock nightly. Citizen men’s watch is very convenient to not have to worry about setting the time or date, it is always correct as the time and date can be set automatically. Citizen Watch Men’s is charged by solar-powered so there is no need to replace the battery, all you have to do is to leave it under the light/ sun. It is very easy to set a radio signal by using the city selection or you can also manually set the radio signal.

In normal use, the watch displays the time and the second’s hand moves in 1-second intervals. This watch design to run continuously and will do so if its regularly expose to bright light. citizen world chronograph a t limited edition uses very little energy and that is easily replenished during normal use. The deployment clasp with push button works great and give the watch a very clean look to it. Citizen Watch Men’s World Chronograph has a large face and a narrow bevel that makes the watch larger than it actually is. The solar area of this watch is black to dark grey which make it more stylish.

Citizen watch

The dials are very well look and almost give it a 3D look. The minute and hour hands appear to have a slightly elevated center pointing straight to the end. When the light hits it, it really shines.

Product details:

Citizen World Chronograph A-T is the best watch for the world traveler. It is a combination of 1. perpetual calendar, 2. 12/24-hour time, 3. power reserve indicator, 4. day, and date. Crafted with a stainless steel case and bracelet featuring a black dial and original sapphire crystal. It is also featuring Eco-Drive technology – powered by light, any type of light. You will never need a battery. It has atomic timekeeping in 26 time zones, 1/20-second chronograph measures up to 60 minutes. With a water resistance of 100 m or 330 feet, it is suitable for light water activities and swimming. Also, have a look at citizen ladies’ watch.


The dial may appear to be muddled and occupied for some with everything going on in the meantime. Furthermore, there is no brightening on any of the hands just as on the hour markers. So that the hands are sometimes hard to read in low light conditions.

Overall Impression:

Citizen world chronograph watch is a low-key design and the manly timepiece is every man’s must-have in their watch collection. With so many features all present in this impressive watch. This man’s watch surely gains attract and loads of compliments and to be the center of attraction with this piece of a dress watch. Click here to buy..

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